Living the Condo Life in Downtown Seattle

If you have been blessed with the opportunity to move to Seattle, congratulations! Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle comes with anything that a big city has to offer and so much more! Being at the edge of the Puget Sound which links to the Pacific Ocean by way of the directly of Juan de Fuca, Seattle provides a modern city lifestyle along with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and lush greenery of the surrounding areas. You find yourself in one of the gateways to the world.

With the heart of city business being in the downtown area, you should give top thing to think about to establishing your residence in one of the many condos situated in downtown Seattle. With the excellent public transportation system in Seattle, this would make getting to work relatively easy. For those working in Seattle but living outside in surrounding areas, the commutes by automobile or ferry can take up a significant amount of time, specifically throughout durations of inclement weather in fall, winter and early spring. But if you are currently downtown in which the action is, you can avoid all that and take the bus if not walk to work. Clear, fresh air is the norm and if you are a coffee lover, Seattle is paradise!

If you are not readily able to see which condos in the downtown part of Seattle you would contemplate relocating to, don’t worry! With World-wide-web access, you can review a multitude of websites that give you virtual tours of what your prospective condo in Seattle’s downtown area would look like. Some of the issues to keep in mind are wherever you would be working (or spending retirement!), any of the many sights you could possibly like to be close to and of training the price. Be sure to do some research on Pike’s location industry, the Seattle Center and the Westlake Mall (excellent shopping!). Also, cultural events take place year-round that are world type. For those who are sports fans, the Seattle Mariners for baseball enthusiasts and the Seahawks are in town for football buffs. Since you will be in one of the condos in downtown Seattle, getting to and from these events will be no problem! If you have ever desired to go para-sailing, fishing or catch a ride in a seaplane, having a condo in downtown Seattle will allow you to be there in no time!

Prices for condos in the downtown area of Seattle can range from the mid $200K range to over $1 million depending on your price range and choices. As with any spot of future residence, be sure to carry out detailed research so that you are conscious of what amenities come with the property as well as any obligations that you will face as an owner such as upkeep fees or something else that a covenant may require. If you are in a position where you can come to Seattle right away to see issues for yourself, find a realtor that you wish to do business with and let them know you are coming. As you develop your plan for relocating to Seattle, make your choices known so that way when you arrive, you can go straight to the downtown Seattle condos that you match your tastes.

You find that shortly after getting established in your condo in downtown Seattle, there will be many more rewards to enjoy as well. Panoramic views, cultural events, restaurants offering cuisines from around the world, shopping venues and access to top-notch sporting events await you. If you are a traveler, ferries close to your condo in downtown Seattle are positioned by to whisk you up to beautiful Victoria or Vancouver, B.C. This is a city that has a charm unique to itself and with you in your new condo in downtown Seattle, you will be in the prime location to absorb it all!